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When to see a podiatrist

Podiatrists are trained to diagnose and treat conditions of the foot and lower limb.  Conditions may result from bone and joint disorders such as arthritis, injuries to the feet and lower limb, immobility, muscular, neurological or circulatory diseases.

Many foot problems can be prevented if noticed early. Some foot problems can be very serious while others are relatively minor. A podiatrist can diagnose and treat the following conditions. So if you are concerned about, or suffer from, any of these complaints please call us for an appointment.

What we can treat

  • Aching tired legs and feet
  • Heels – Achilles tendon pain, cracked skin, spurs
  • Bunions, chilblains, corns and calluses
  • Nails – ingrown, infections
  • Gout
  • Flat feet, pigeon toes, knock knees
  • Foot odour
  • Knee and hip pain
  • Lower back pain

D4S_1899_LargeWhat a podiatrist can do for you

Biomechanical assessment

Biomechanics is the analysis of the function of human motion. The Walking Clinic uses specialised equipment to detect anomalies in the anatomy and function of the foot and lower limbs during gait (i.e. movement). This ensures that appropriate and effective treatment is provided. This can range from specific exercises, to prescription of orthotics.

Shoe advice

The shoe is always important and our team can evaluate and provide advice on your current footwear and help you find comfortable shoes suitable for your feet.

Orthoses are custom made shoe inserts specifically made to alleviate your foot problem. Construction and fitting of custom made orthoses is our speciality, and may form part of your treatment plan.  Often exercises and stretches are prescribed with orthoses to get optimal results. See Orthoses for more information.

Assessment and treatment of children

If you are concerned for any reason at all about your child’s feet come in and we can assess the problem. See Children’s feet for more information.


Referrals are generally not required to attend The Walking Clinic. The exception is if you are a Department of Veterans Affairs gold card holder, or have a workers compensation claim.

Enhanced primary care plan

This is a program that Medicare have introduced which entitles patients with a chronic condition, such as diabetes, to claim a medicare rebate for up to 5 visits with specialised practitioners, including podiatrists. You need to bring your referral and any information your GP gives you to your appointment.

Private health cover

Treatments are claimable through all private health funds. We use HICAPs, which automatically assesses and claims your appointment back on your private health cover. To utilise HICAPs, make sure you bring your health care card with you.


To claim your appointment through workcover you will need to have with your your doctor’s referral, your claim number, and your claim details.

How do I pay?

Gift vouchers are available. Contact us for details.

Gift Vouchers

We accept cash, cheques, credit card (even American Express and Diners) and EFTPOS. We do not bulk bill.