Podiatrists on Shark Tank

Last night podiatry was put into the forefront of the general public due to the featuring of two podiatrists on the television show The Shark Tank. They presented on the show demonstrating a prefabricated orthotic that they have designed and want to market. It was great to see podiatry again in the public eye.


However at The Walking Clinic we pride ourselves in providing comfortable and functional corrective custom made orthotics. Our team use the latest technology and diagnostic tools to produce a fully customised orthotic. Video gait analysis is used to create a prescription that is suited to correct for each individual’s problem. Our orthoses are produced individually, meaning that an orthotic that is made to fit your foot will not give the same result on someone else. We use a 3D scanner to produce an exact replica of your foot. This provides a fully customised orthotic that will be created around your problem and feet!


We pride ourselves in the quality of the product we produce and will work alongside every patient to make sure that we provide the best results possible!