Ricky Lee 1 small

At the end of 2012, he graduated from the University of Newcastle with a Bachelor of Podiatry. Having grown up with both his parents as podiatrists he has a good idea of what to expect and is looking forward to working along with his father and the other podiatrists at the Walking Clinic.

Ricky has an avid interest in sport podiatry and biomechanical problems. Ricky has spent many years competing at a National level in the sport of downhill mountain biking, including representing Australia. Ricky hopes to develop his knowledge and experience in this area by working with sport related injuries.
Ricky is especially keen to use the ARC laser for treatment of fungal nails. Having used this machine during a placement in Sydney and while at the Walking Clinic he is finding the success and the relief it can offer to patients suffering this condition very rewarding. Ricky enjoys helping people relieve the problems and pain they are experiencing with their feet.

Ricky has also undertaken specialist training in the use of the A.R.C laser for the treatment of fungal nail infections and the treatment of Plantar Warts (verruca) with laser treatment. Ricky has a special interest in seeing the fantastic results possible with this treatment.

Outside of work Ricky enjoys many sports including mountain biking, golf, surfing, snowboarding, tennis and squash.