At The Walking Clinic we focus on understanding the cause of your injury. We not only want to rehabilitate the current injury, but prevent it from happening again. A biomechanical assessment aims to identify factors contributing to your injury, with the goal of decreasing risk of re-injury.  A biomechanical assessment will include a history, physical examination and observation, biomechanical tests of foot function, as well as gait analysis.


Video gait analysis –

Gait analysis

This allows us to closely analyse the movement and function of the leg and foot when running and walking.  We use this information to identify excessive or injuring motions, and develop a method to alter the motion so it ceases to cause pain.  Video analysis allows detailed assessment of gait and our podiatrists can help to improve the efficiency of your gait, helping you to work harder for longer.



3D pressure analysis –

The walking clinic biomechanical lab

The force plate gives our podiatrists an insight into strike patterns and pressure movement through the foot. The pressure plate shows accurate changes in rear foot and forefoot pressures through gait.


Functional assessment

A functional assessment establishes range of motion of ligaments, joints and muscles. This information helps your podiatrist to build a picture of the forces affecting your feet, and aids in diagnosis of your problem.


3D scan –

A 3D scan being undertaken

To create a custom orthotic, which is completely individual to each person, we use a 3D scanner. This scan gives the podiatrist an exact impression of the persons foot. This means that no two scans are the same and every pair of orthoses made are completely individual. The podiatrist can then email your scans to our lab (Footwork Podiatry lab).






Here is a Video on The Footwork Process,

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