Your feet are the foundation of your body; they allow you movement from standing to walking and running. No two feet are the same and therefore, it is crucial to ensure your feet are the best they can be so you can perform at your best. Through conducting an assessment and analysis it measures the movement patterns of muscles, joints, nerves and bones. In addition, it helps to improve technique and posture and overall, increase running efficiency and ability in those suffering injuries.

Your running gait plays a huge part in your speed and endurance. You can be fitter than your friends or running partner however ,they always beat you in the race. This can be due to your running gait causing you to be losing seconds or minutes due to inefficiency in your gait. Our team can analyse your running gait to improve efficiency, improve your performance and even reduce your long term injury risk. At The Canberra Running Clinic we analyse each foot individually, in order to breakdown the area causing discomfort and isolate the problem to determine its direct affect on your body.

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