Biomechanical and gait assessment

At The Canberra Running Clinic we focus on understanding the cause of your injury. We not only want to rehabilitate the current injury, but prevent it from happening again. A biomechanical assessment aims to identify factors contributing to your injury, with the goal of decreasing risk of re-injury.  A biomechanical assessment will include a history, physical examination and observation, biomechanical tests of foot function, as well as gait analysis.

Our team of highly trained podiatrists will help keep you running at your best, with the latest technology in running gait assessment we can help you!

Structural strength assessment-

First, we will take you through a structural strength assessment. This will establish a baseline of your running strength and weakness areas that maybe contributing to injuries or overuse. In turn, this will allow our podiatrists to formulate a strength and conditioning program tailored to your requirements. 



Video gait analysis –

Secondly, our podiatrists can undertake a video gait analysis of your running. This is the most accurate way to establish a true indication of your running gait. A gait analysis forms the foundation of everything we do. Here at The Canberra Running Clinic, we take the time to understand exactly how you move. In using advanced technology we aim to understand all the movements occurring and forces acting on your jointsThis will enable the podiatrist to gain an insight into your motion, stride length, internal rotation, pelvic tilt, imbalances and much more to help keep you running and functioning at your very best.


Do you need a running assessment?

·         Do you want to know why you are getting injured and what joints are being overloaded while you run?

·         Do you want to improve the way you run?

·         Do you have muscle weakness or joint stiffness?

·         Do you want to be able to run for longer and reduce fatigue?

·         Do you need help finding the perfect running shoe?

·         Considering orthotics?

If you answered yes to any of these questions or are just generally concerned about your movement contact us and we can help you!