Keeping your feet in good condition over Summer

Due to the harsh changes in the Canberra climate some feet have a tendency to become cracked at the heels, the cracks can be painful if left too long, and for the most part are usually easily avoidable.  During summer, and particularly in Canberra’s dry climate, moisture produced by the skin is quickly evaporated when feet are exposed in sandals and thongs, this can rapidly create painful cracks and hard skin.  You can help to maintain the skin integrity by using a pumice stone in the shower to gently exfoliate dead skin, and by moisturising your feet with a heavy moisturiser every day.  If your feet are particularly dry, then an intense program of moisturising might be appropriate: slather thick moisturiser onto your feet, and sit with feet elevated for 15 minutes.  Then massage further moisturiser into the feet, put socks on and go to bed. Repeat this process every night for a week, then maintain moisture levels by applying moisturiser daily.  A good moisturiser to use on the feet:

  • Akileine (available in our clinic)
  • Callusan foam cream (available in our clinic)
  • QV moisturising cream
  • Paw paw ointment

If your feet do no improve with this treatment or you would like some extra help, our podiatrists at The Walking Clinic can help you by removing callus build up and smoothing the skin in a consultation, without pain or discomfort.

If you have any questions about foot skin care, ask your podiatrist at The Walking Clinic today.