Useful tips to help manage and identify changes when living with diabetes

Last week Ricky Lee attended an information workshop at Diabetes ACT.  This event had many different professionals talking about the affects diabetes can have on our bodies.

Ricky was invited to talk about the effects of diabetes on our feet. Many people are unaware of the potential and devastating harm to feet diabetes poses. The earliest signs of diabetic change can be seen in our feet due to the distance our extremities are from the heart. For this reason, it is very important that every person living with Diabetes has an annual Diabetic Assessment by your podiatrist.

Ricky spoke about self-care and how a podiatrist can help with foot health.

The podiatrists at The Walking Clinic have the latest technology in diabetic assessments to make sure your feet are kept in the best condition possible.


Here are some useful Tips  to help you identify early signs of change :


Signs of change

1) Changes in feeling within the feet – If you start to notice that sensation has changed. This maybe as simple as numbness in the toes.  

2) Change in nail growth or hair growth-This does also change with age, however if you notice that hair grows to a certain point then stops. Likewise with nail growth, if you start to see a change in the time is takes for nails to grow.

3) Change in colour of the feet or legs – This maybe a difference between your legs (one leg is red and other normal) or it can occur in both feet .



1) Checking feet daily, this can be as simple as rubbing moisturiser into your feet and at the same time checking  for any colour changes or cuts to your feet.

2) Wearing cotton socks to help prevent a build-up of moisture around the feet.

3) Drying between your toes after having a shower, this will help prevent maceration between toes (a ruler with a towel wrapped around it can assist in drying between toes).

4) Never walking bare foot as this can increase your risk of damage to your feet .


To talk further about diabetes or to have an assessment, you can call us at Lyneham on 6249-1758 or Belconnen on 6251-5149 or book an appointment online today!