How to avoid fungal nail infections

Fungal nail infections are a common and often unsightly condition of the nail plate. Fungus is a bug that is in the environment and it sometimes jumps on board toenails when the opportunity arises. There are a few things you can do to minimise the risk of contracting a fungal toenail infection. Fungi love moist, warm, dark environments and this is part of the reason we get a lot more fungal infections of the toenails than the fingernails. Strategies to avoid fungal infections include decreasing the moisture and warmth around the feet and eliminating the fungus from footwear and hosiery.



• Wearing bare feet in communal areas, particularly floors that stay wet like bathrooms, showers, and the pool deck.

• Nail treatments where the instruments that touch your feet are not sterilised to medical standards, or disposable for each client. It should be checked that all instruments are in sterile packs prior to treatment, as well foot baths are well cleaned.

• Wearing nail polish all the time. It is important to remove the nail polish every 2 weeks to check nails for discolouration or infection. Fungus is sensitive to UV light, which can be used as a natural fighter of infections.



• Antifungal spray on the inside of shoes once a month.

• Tea tree or eucalyptus oil in the washing machine (put it in the fabric softener section). This helps to prevent build-up of moulds etc. in the washing machine piping.


Fungal nail infections are very common! Feet are the perfect environment for rapid colonisation of fungal spores. If you do suspect a fungal infection in your nails or skin our helpful team at The Walking Clinic can advise you of treatment options and nail care. The Walking Clinic offers a laser treatment for fungal nail infections in conjunction with nail care and reducing environmental factors. This treatment is very effective, with no side effects or allergies.

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